One Belt And One Road” Plans: Middle and Small Instrument enterprises should to face the difficulty

…….From 10 Month 26 to 29, The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was convoked in Beijing. The meeting raised “OBOR” implement will be the key content of China’s ” Thirteen-Five ” project. As recently《 The standard interchange “OBOR” action plan (2015-2017)》 ( Referred to as 《Plan》) release,”OBOR” Seems to have become the focus of the country’s future development. In this situation, middle and small instrument enterprises how to find the entry point, seize the development opportunity? Today, the author will introduced for you as follows.

One Belt And one Road

Development status

…….2015 Year Instrument industry export situation is not gonging well on the first half year. From January to February the exports grew 12.98% then down to 2.38% on June , a downturn trend surrounded the whole industry. In the growth, large instrument companies occupies the most.. We can say, Small and meddle-sized instrument companies export data can be neglected on the first half year. But this export downturn is influenced the small and middle instrument companies greatly.

…….It shows that, First,the investment volume sharply cutoff. one is the instrument business investment dropped, project operating rate remains in the doldrums. According to one unnamed industry instrument dealers said that last year focused on tracking customer projects: Shandong refining store investment projects, Guangdong cooking oil refining aviation oil investment projects, Jiangsu oil tank storage project. customers either terminate the investment plans or slow the pace of investment in this year. The cooling of these investment projects, Impact on the company’s business at least more than half. Second, middle and small instruments enterprises are unable to accelerate scientific and technological upgrading, as the instrumentation industry, along with the ever-changing market and the work environment more severe, products much-needed upgrading, If the instrument enterprises want to keep a foothold, they must pay close attention to research and development in science and technology, and this situation for middle and small instrument enterprises is an insurmountable gap. How to solve is the current question for middle and small instrument enterprises to think about .

OBOR-map u-ideal

Break the status and face the difficulty

…….Catch the “OBOR” country cooperation opportunities. 《Plan》 requires deepening Standard double multilateral cooperation and connectivity with the country in “OBOR” . speed up the standard internationalization level. Middle and small instrument enterprises can find a way out, strengthen standards cooperation with the country in “OBOR” will inevitably arouse the rest market of “OBOR” , Effectively promote the rapid development of industry, agriculture, real estate industry and other industries. and the development of the industry will linkage instrument industry development.For this situation, middle and small instrument enterprise should should deeper insight the “OBOR”project. Grasp the important information , and do some investigation for the country countries along the silk road countries and local market. According to market demand and the company itself, makes middle and small instrument enterprises can grasp this opportunity and development rapidly.

…….《Plan》 and middle and small enterprises development double support. The implementation of 《Plan》, proved that the country “OBOR” support policy has been issued. The plan was issued in a variety of policies which are conducive to enterprise development, formulate same international standards for project butt joint . build agricultural standardization demonstration area and standardization comparison of import and export commodities in industry services, organized translating the priority areas urgent need Standard Foreign Edition In the aspect of media. At the same time the state's support policy for middle and small enterprise is still pushing. Dual combination can make middle and small instrument companies avoid many detours, seize the opportunity of policy, keep a foothold on the instruments market.

…….Establishing Instruments and meters enterprises Foreign Trade Union, At present, middle and small instruments enterprises are facing the lack of technical, lack of funding and lack of talent. This must set many weak power instrument enterprises, establish instrument enterprise Foreign Trade Union, Complementary advantages and resources, open the foreign engineering market together. Make up weakness in their own enterprises technology, capital,and other aspect. Expand development With the help of “OBOR”project , ” walk out “successfully.
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