Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Model NO.: LUGB-A/B/C
Main Application: Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas, Corrosive Liquid/Gas, Steam
Sensor: Tube/Flange
Type: Vortex Flow Meter
Measuring Principle: Thermodynamic
Certification: JIS, DIN, ANS, CE, SGS, ISO
Flow Indicating: Mass Flow and Volume Flow
Connection: Flange, Clamp, Snap-on
Volumn Flow LCD Display: Transient Flow and Accumulated Flow
Signal: Modbus RS485, Hart, 4~20mA, Pulse
Language: English
Package: Wooden Case or Carton
Origin: China

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Basic Info
Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%
Size: Dn15~Dn300
Application: Industrial Production
Measuring Media: Gas
Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
Measure Medium: Steam Flow, Liquid Flow, Air Flow Range
Power: 24V, 220V, Battery

Compensation Model Mass Flow Meter LCD: Mass Transient Flow, Mass Total Flow
Compensation Type LCD: Density, Pressure, Temperature
Compensation Selection: Temperature and Pressure
Trademark: U-ideal
Specification: ANSI JIP DIN JS and others
HS Code: 90261000

Product Description
Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Turbine Flow Meter and steam,air mass Vortex Flow Meter

Tianjin U-ideal Instrument Co., Ltd are one of the repute’s manufactures of flow meter. We produce water measuring electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, rotameter and turbine flow meter in China.
We also produce level gauges and level switches.

Our products are metal rotary flow meters, vortex flow meters and turbine flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, oval gear wheel flow meters, precession vortex flow meters and roots flow meters, glass flowmeter, mass flowmeter .
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1. Vortex flow meter Application:
vortex flow meters are mainly used to measure flow of steam, air and low viscosity liquid.

2. Usage:
1) The vortex flow meter can display medium transient volume flow rate, accumulated volume flow.
2) If assemble temperature sensor and pressure sensor to the flow meter to realize temperature amd pressure compensation function. the flow meter local display: transient mass flow rate, accumulated mass flow, medium density, operation pressure and operation temperature.

3. Vortex flow features:
operation temperature: <350ºC
Nominal Diameter: DN10-DN300
Connection: clamp-on, integrated flange
Language: English language designed specially for international clients.

4.Vortex precession flowmeter
Vortex precession flowmeter for measuring volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, density, and mass flow using a single meter
Ø Measures most gases, liquids and steam without the need to recalibrate
Ø Cost effective, accurate and reliable meter for volumetric and mass flow measurement
Ø Remote monitoring and integration to DCS using HARTand Modbus communication protocols
Ø Ideal for high temperature and high velocity steam
Ø Power Generation steam applications
Ø Industrial HVAC, district energy management
Ø Commercial building, campus and facility energy management
Ø Oil & gas location of natural gas

Gas flow meter vortex Flowmeter

vortex Flowmeter

Magnetic flowmeter, Electromagnetic Flow Meter
We can do various colors on your order.

Application: Waster water,sewage, any other electric conductive fluid
Pipe size: DN10-DN1600


China Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter – China Flowmeter, Flow Meter

3. Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of high performance, high reliability of the flowmeter. Widely used in petroleum, chemical to measure water, sewage, acid, alkali, salt solution or volume flow of liquid-solid two-phase fluid conductive medium.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Product application

The Electromagnetic Flowmeter is assembled by LDG series electromagnetic flow transmitter and electromagnetic flow sensor. It used to measure the volume flow of the electro conductive liquid in the closed pipeline. It widely applied to measure and control flow of petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, irrigation, water treatment, environmental protection sewage total amount control, paper making, medicine, food and other production industrial process or agricultural sector; It adapt to the total volume measurement of the electro conductive liquid.
Series electromagnetic flow Transducer introduction
Our company research and development the LDZ-801 series electromagnetic transducer, their power supplied is battery. This series of transducer can matched with normal electromagnetic flow meter sensor, accuracy is 0.5% and 0.2%.
LDZ-801 electromagnetic transducer with a conventional lithium battery pack can continue to work 3~6 years. If use high capacity lithium battery, it can continue to work longer hours.
LDZ-801 electromagnetic transducer can use wireless network base station type system, build a communication base station in the center of the area, coverage radius is 1000 meters. Each electromagnetic transducer near-field communicate with the base station (SRD), Using opened 928 MHZ (American standard).The base station finished the data communications with the computer by (GPRS) or CDMA mobile communications network. In addition, the LDZ-801 electromagnetic transducer can also finished the data communications with the computer by (GPRS) or CDMA mobile communications network directly (GPRS communication see the communication instruction manual)
LDZ-801 electromagnetic transducer use the stainless steel body, IP68 seal protection design, can be used in damp places such as underground.
1. electromagnetic flow meter Performance

Working temperature:-20~50ºC
Working relative humidity: ≤5%~95%
Body protection class:IP65,IP67,IP68(make to order)
Flow rate measuring range:0.3~10m/s
Medium current ratio: clean water>20μa/cm
Pipe size:DN2.5~DN1600
Measure parameters: Instant flow, instant flow rate.
Detection and alarm parameters: Fluid pipe detection alarm
Field current detection alarm
Battery capacity detection alarm
Calibration of the output signal: Unit volume flow rate pulse

Wireless communications: SRO,GPRS,CDMA

Battery working time, see the following table

Circulate measuring time corresponding battery life table

Circulating time 50mA magnetic Active time 20mA magnetic Active time
15s 72month 96 month
14s 68 month 89 month
13s 62 month 83 month
12s 58 month 77 month
11s 53 month 70 month
10s 48 month 64 month
9s 43 month 58 month
8s 38 month 51 month
7s 33 month 45 month
6s 29 month 38 month
5s 24 month 32 month
4s 19 month 25 month
3s 15 month 20 month

2 .Characteristics of the electromagnetic flowmeter
Measurement is not affected by the liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and the conductivity changes.

In the measuring tube without activities and choke components, no pressure damage, no jam, can measure the liquid which has fiber, solid particles and suspended solids.

The instrument is sensitive, has wide measuring range, flow rate is 0.3~10m/s, can measure Conductive liquid whose electrical conductivity is >5μs/cm, the measuring range can be selected discretionarily.
The instrument adopts the low-frequency tristate square wave excitation technology, advanced small signal processing technology and software technology, so it has strong anti-jamming, high precision, it stable and reliable.
Instrument is not affected by the direction of liquid flow, the positive and negative installation all can be measured, easy installation, low requirements on the straight pipe.
The electrode and lining material of the electromagnetic flowmeter has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life. Can produce according to customer special working condition. Such as produce Diving type electromagnetic flowmeter.

3 . The main technical parameters

The impact resistance and resistance to vibration of the instrument is good.
The instrument can not measure gas and non-conductive liquids.

Measuring range and range ratio: The flow measurement range are shown in table 4.

Flow range ration:1:20
Flow rate:0.3~10m/s Medium electrical conductivity: >5μs/cm
Precision:0.5(0.2 can be customized)
Display: LCD display 4 digit instant flow.8 digit accumulate flow.
Nominal pressure:0.6MPa;1.0MPa;1.6MPa;4.0MPa;6.3MPa;16MPa;25MPa;32MPa;42MPa.
Environment: Temperature:-20~50ºC Relative humidity:5%~95%
Output signal: Frequency output: 0~5kHz,RS-485 MODBUS communication, Current output:4~20mA(HART Agreement can choose)
Power outages data save time :10 years
Power supply:220VAC±15%;24VDC ±5% ;3.6VDC
Power consumption: ≤15VA
Mechanical vibration frequency: ≤55Hz; ≤0.15mm
The average trouble-free working hours: MTBF=30000h
Protection grade: IP65,IP67,IP68(order need indicate)
lining material: Polyurethane rubber, Neoprene, PTFE,F46,Po,PFA
Electrode materials:316L, Hartz alloy HB; Hartz alloy HC; Tungsten carbide; Special material(eg: Titanium, tantalum, platinum and other rare metal materials)

4.Electromagnetic Flowmeter Model selection
According to the types of measured medium and temperature, to select the material of the lining. The standard of lining selection are shown in the following table one.

Electromagnetic flow meterModel Suffix Code Description
Diameter Four Digitals; for example:
0010: 10 mm; 0015: 15mm;
0100: 100 mm 1000: 1000mm
Transmitter S Compact type
L Remote type
Electrode Material M Stainless steel 316L
T Titanium
D Tantalum
H Hastelloy Alloy C
Signal Output 0 No output
1 4‐20mA/1‐5KHz
Liner material X Hard Rubber
P Polyurethane
F4 F46
Pr Propylene oxide
Power Supply ‐0 110‐240Vac
‐1 20‐36V DC
‐2 Battery Power Supply
Communication 0 No communication
1 RS485
Grounding Ring 0 No grounding ring
1 Grounding ring
2 Grounding Electrode
Connection ‐DXX DXX: D06, D10, D16, D25, D40
D06: DIN PN6; D10: DIN PN10
D16: DIN PN16; D25: DIN PN25
D40: DIN PN40
‐AX AX: A1, A3, A6
A1: ANSI 150#; A3: ANSI 300# A6: ANSI 600#
‐JX JX: J1, J2, J4
J1: JIS 10K; J2: JIS 20K; J4: JIS 40K
‐WF Wafer Connection (Available for DN2.5;
DN6 Flow Meter)
Body material: Stainless Steel
‐TR Tri‐Clamp for sanitary Type
(Body material: Stainless Steel)

Rotameter-Metal Rotary Flow Meter
Mounting:vertical mount or horizontal mounting
Medium:liquid and air
Gas Steam-Mass-Vortex-Flow-Meter-Water-Turbine-Electromagnetic-Flowmeter
China Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter – China Flowmeter, Flow Meter

Our flow meters are calibrated by special testbed, can assure you good accuracy.
Our flowmeter are done with actual good material, don’t mix any bad matrial.

WE do those all hope have long business relationship with you.

5. Coriolis Mass flow meter

Measuring the Mass flow rate + volume flow rate + density measurement +temperature measurement +calculated variables (e.g. fluid concentrations) at the same time.

Application: liquid and gas mass flow measurement.

6. Oval gear flowmeter
Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flowmeters
Oval wheel flow-meters(High Viscosity Oval Gear Flowmeters)
Mechanical fuel flow meter & Oil oval flow meter & oval gear flow meter

Oval Gear positive displacement meters, which are ideal for highly viscous liquids in applications where accuracy and repeatability are critical.
7. Ultrasonic flowmeter
Ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. It uses the well-known transit-time measurement principle, plus our proprietary signal processing and ultrasonic transcribing technologies.

8. Swirl Flow Meter
As the vortex flow meter, the swirl flow meter is based on the principle of frequency measurement. The system has a freely configurable, LCD display for the actual flow rate and tantalization. Settings can be changed directly via 3 push buttons. Additional to the 4-20mA analog signal a freely configurable switching output is already available. This can be used universally as pulse output, high-low alarms or for system supervision. Swirl flow meter is available as compact for remote design with 10 m length cable.

Built-in pressure, temperature, flow sensors, security, high performance, compact structure, beautiful shape.

9. Sight Glass flow Meter

The cheap flow meter which measure and indicate the flow rate directly.

Application: liquid and air flow rate measurement.

10. Turbine Flow Meter
Turbine flowmeter can be used to measure high pressure water, diesel fuel, gas and air flow rate.
Turbine flow meter operation temperature: <150ºC

Turbine flowmeter
diameter and connection
4,6,10,15,20,25,32,40 apply thread connection
(15,20,25,32,40)50,65,80,100,125,150,200 apply flange connection
Accuracy class ±1%R,±0.5%
Measuring scale ratio 1:10;1:15;1:20
Material 304 stainless steel,316(L)stainless steel and others
Fluid temperature -120~+120ºC, 150ºC
Environment Temperature-10~+55ºC,relative humidity5%~90%,air pressure86~106Kpa
Output signal Impulse signal,low level≤0.8V high level ≥8V
Power supply +12VDC,+24VDC(selective)
Signal transmission line STVPV3*0.3(Three line system)or 2*0.3(2-line system)
Transmission distant ≤1000m
Signal wire connection Inner thread M20*1.5
Explosion proof class ExdIIBT6
Protection class IP65



China Gas or Steam Mass Vortex Flow Meter, Water Turbine Electromagnetic Flowmeter – China Flowmeter, Flow Meter

1.Oval Gear Flowmeter
Material: cast steel/stainless steel/cast iron
Optional: Pulse output; reset function

2.Rotary Piston Flowmeter
Wide Flux—:1L/H-16000L/H
Optimized structure—: No flow adjustment is required.
Measuring Medium—: Petro, Diesel oil, Diesel oil, Distilled water, Juice, Chemical reagent etc.
Safety—:Flow through the meter continues even when piston was stuck by impurity.
High precision: Up to 0.3%
Self-lubricant, high precision, high reliability, low noise, smooth running, easy maintenance

3.Wet-test(drum-type) gas meter
Applications & User Benefits
Wet-test (drum-type) gas flow meters are used universally to
measure and record gas volume and gas flow rate for many industrial,
petroleum and chemical processes; environmental; pilot plant or
test; controlled chamber; laboratory and research applications.
Wet-test meters consistently provide the highest accuracy and
precision even at the lowest gas flows with inert or the most
aggressive gases

4.Liquid roots flow meter
Accuracy: ±0.5%;±0.2%
Material : cast steel/stainless steel/cast iron
Optional: pulse output; reset function
Normal pressure:1.6Mpa/0.6Mpa
Temperature:-10~+60 ºC
Rotors never touch each other and therefore are not subject to wear.
More over double case construction allows to maintain the measuring unit
Without removing the entire PD flowmeter form the line.

5.E-F Double rotator flow meter
Applies to low viscosity oil, light oil, heavy oil, crude oil with sand and water, liquid from low viscosity to high viscosity.
Max. flow is 2 times larger than normal flowmeter.
Long life, high accuracy and reliability.
Minimal pressure loss.
1000 meters of cable for long distance output. pulse output N=0.1L(a pulse for 1N), for direct connection with computer networking.
An explosion of the Ia II CT6(intrinsic safety type); flameproof d II BT6(flameproof); protection IP56.

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