Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeters Magnetic Flow Meter

Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeters,Magnetic Flow Meter

Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeters/Magnetic Flow Meter

Model NO.: LZB_3 0.15-1.5
Main Application: Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Sensor: Clamp-on/External
Type: Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Measuring Principle: Electrical Principles
Ex-Proof: Intrinsic Safety/ Explosion-Proof
LCD: Yes/No
Medium: Liquid, Air, Gas
Package: Wooden Case or Carton
Origin: Tianjin, China
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Basic Info

Accuracy: ±0.2-0.5%
Size: Dn10~Dn3000
Application: Industrial Production
Measuring Media: Gas
Certification: JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, UL, RoHS, ISO

Pressure: Suitable for Very High Pressure
Signal: 4-20mA, Pulse, RS485, Hart
Trademark: U-ideal
Specification: ANSI JIP DIN JS and others
HS Code: 90261000

Product Description

InsertionType Vortex Flow Meter for Gas/Steam/Liquid

China Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeters/Magnetic Flow Meter – China Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeters, Magnetic Flow Meter
1.This series Flowmeter can accurately measure within wide flow range of gas, liquid and steam flow rate but not influenced by fluid physical properties at the same time.
2 It is not affected by temperature and pressure, have the advantages of not easy to block, not easy card. And resistance high temperature and high pressure, safe and explosion-proof. It is used to the bad environment.
3 No moving parts and no hole aperture design. Long service life.
4 Adopting micro power consumption of new and high technology, this batery with display type flowmeter can work more than two years with continuos electricity.
5 Temperature compensation and integrated design
6 Output current type of electrical isolation, Has the good common-mode interference suppression.
7 it is Also showed flow values and cumulative flow value, and don’t have to take turns to switch
8 Using vibration probe, the effective elimination of the influence of external vibration.

1. Feature
Available: Liquid, Gas, Steam
Not For: liquid with high viscosity
Vibration will affect the accuracy
No moving part
Fluid temperature: +250ºC
2. Specifications
Product Structure
Simple Insertion Insertion with ball valve
Type A Type B Type
Accuracy ±2.5% ±2.5%
Display Optional Optional
Output Signal Optional: Pulse or 4-20mA Optional: Pulse or 4-20mA
Communication Optional: RS485 Optional: RS485
Power Supply +24VDC±15% +24VDC±15%
Explosion Proof Optional: ExdIIBT6 or ExiaIICT4 Optional: ExdIIBT6 or ExiaIICT4
Protection Level IP65 IP65
Product Material 304SS 304SS
Pressure Rating 1.0MPa 1.0MPa
Fluid Temperature -20ºC~250ºC -20ºC~250ºC
Ambient Temperature -20ºC~70ºC -20ºC~70ºC
3. Flow range
Flow Range (m3/h) Diameter
Flow Range (m3/h)
Liquid Gas Liquid Gas
200 70-700 600-6000 500 450-4500 4200-42000
250 110-1100 1060-10600 600 600-6000 6100-61000
300 180-1800 1500-15000 800 800-8000 11000-110000

Packaging & Shipping
Standard export package: each unit has individual box and all boxes are packed in standard packages
As the clients requirement