Low Price Sewage Waste sea Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter

China Low Price Sewage Waste sea Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter

China Low Price Sewage Waste sea Water Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Hebei Xukang Meter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd produce and supply Turbine Flowmeter , vortex flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter which can output 4~20mA/digital . mainly used to measure flow rate of water, steam, oil, gas, air, marine fuel flowmeter

What is Turbine Flow Meter?
Turbine flow meter is a new kind of flow meter that absorbs the advanced flow metering technologies home and abroad. When fluid passes the turbine, it causes the turbine to rotate at a speed proportional to fluid velocity. As each turbine blade passes through the magnetic field generated by the meter’s magnetic pickup, an AC voltage pulse is generated. These pulses provide an output frequency that is proportional to volumetric flow.
Turbine flow meters are designed to have so many characteristics, such as simple structure, light weight, high precision, good reiteration, sensitive reaction, easy installation and using. Equipped with other display devices with special functions, turbine flowmeter can also do quantity control, excessive alarm and so on. It is really perfect in flow measurement and energy saving.

Features of Turbine Flow Meter
High accuracy, usually reach ±1%R,±5%R, or even reach ±0.2%R for high-precision type
Good repeatable and repeatability, can reach 0.05%-0.2% in short term, if regular calibration or online calibration can get an extremely high accuracy, so it is preferred in trade
Pulse signal output, suitable for total flow measurement and computer connection, no zero drift, strong anti-jamming capability
High frequency signal (3-4kHz) , strong signal resolution
Wide range, middle and big diameter can reach 1:20, and small diameter can reach 1:10
Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, strong flow capacity
Suitable for high pressure measurement. The interface of the instrument doesn’t have to be opened, so it can be made to a high pressure instrument easily
It can be customer-tailored according to different sensors, for example, low-temperature type, two-way type, underground type, sand special type, etc
It can be insert type, suitable for large diameter measurement, little pressure loss, low price, can be taken out in continuous flow, and easy installation and maintenance.

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter
Water Treatment
Pump Testing
Paper & Pulp
Effluent Treatment Plants
Waste Water & Sewerage
Food & Diary Processing
Chemical Process Plants