Water Flowmeter/Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Water Flowmeter,Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Water Flowmeter Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Model NO.: LDC
Structure Type: Hot-Wire
Output Signal Type: Digital Type
Material: Stainless Steel
IP Rating: IP65
Customized: Customized
Accuracy: ±0.2-0.5%
Measuring Principle: Electrical Principles
Trademark: U-ideal
Specification: SGS
HS Code: 90261000
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Basic Info

Type: Capacitive
Measuring Medium: Liquid
Production Process: Injection
Accuracy Grade: 0.2G
Certification: ISO

Measuring Media: Liquid
Size: Package: Wooden Case or Carton
Origin: Tianjin, China
Sensor: Clamp-on/External

Product Description

Electromagnetic flowmeter/ water flow meter/ mass flowmeter/ liquid flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of flow measurement instrument.
Based on the electromagnetic induction principle, it measures conductive liquid flow according to electromotive
force induced by the conducting flow going through the applied magnetic field.
It is used to measure the conductive liquid flow of tap water, steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power,
industry, water conservancy and other departments, and can also measure the acid, alkali, salt and other
corrosive conductive liquid.

Water Mass flowmeter, Electromagnetic Flow-Meter,Turbine Flow Rate Meter

Tianjin U-ideal LDG electromagnetic flow meters are intended for fluid measurement in most industries including water, wastewater, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.
There are two basic components of electromagnetic flow meter: 1)The Detector, which includes the flow tube, isolating liner and measuring electrodes, and 2) The Converter, which is the electronic device responsible for signal processing, flow calculation, display and output signals.

The materials of construction of the wetted parts (liner and electrodes) should be appropriate for the specifications on the intended type of service. Review of the compatibilities consistent with the specifications is recommended.

All electromagnetic flow meters are factory tested and calibrated. A calibration certificate is included in the shipment of each meter.

1 Feature and Application
The electromagnetic flow meter works according to Faraday Law, the
Flow meter is used to measure volumetric flow rate for inductive liquids and pulps. This type Electromagnetic flow meter has several characteristics.
The measurement is independence of the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity of the measured fluid.
No moving parts in the measuring tube. No pressure loss. Low requirement for the upstream and downstream straight pipes.
All digital processing, high disturbing resistance, reliable measurement, high accuracy, wide measuring range up to 1500: 1;
The transmitter uses a 16 bits Embedded microprocessor, easy to operate, displays measured values in Chinese, has self-test and self-diagnosis function.
Dual direction measurement function. It can display forward direction flow rate and reverse direction flow rate. It can also display dual direction of current and frequency output, easy to record and save the signal for different direction.
Three inside counters can respectively display forward direction volume,
Reverse direction volume and the different volume of both directions.
It is possible to communicate via RS485 or RS232.
1.2 Main application range
It can measure volumetric flow rate for inductive liquids and pulps in the sealed pipes. The main application range can be found in the following fields: Petrol, chemical
Industry, power generation and distribution, mine, water treatment, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and etc.
1.3 Application condition
Ambient temperature: Remote sensor: -25º C~+60º C
Compact version and transmitter (process temperature): -10º C~+60º CRelative humidity: : 5~100
1.4 Process condition:
Maximum Temperature for liquids
Compact version: 70º C
Remote version: PTFE lining 100º C, 150º C
Gather chloronorgutta lining 80º C, 120º C
Polyurethane lining 80º C
Conductivity of fluid: More than 5μ S/cm;
Pressure: Flange Type 4.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 1.0MPa
2.1 Structure and version
Compact version
Remote version

Features Fully welded maintenance‐free sensor
Flange version with full bore flow tube
Standard as well as higher pressure ratings
Large diameter range from DN25…3000 with rugged liners approved for drinking water
Industry specific insertion lengths
Modular construction The measurement system consists of a flow sensor and a signal converter. It is available as compact and as separate version.
Compact version With 511B converter: 110‐240Vac Power
With 521B converter: 18‐36V DC Power
With W800L/W800W: Battery Power
Remote version In wall mount version with 211B converter (110240Vac) or 221B converter (18‐36V DC)
With W800F converter: Battery Power
Measurement range ‐12…+12 m/s / ‐40…+40 ft/s

Measuring accuracy

Reference conditions Flow conditions similar to EN 29104
Medium: Water
Electrical conductivity: ≥ 300 μS/cm
Temperature: +10…+30°C / +50…+86°F
Inlet section: ≥ 5 DN
Operating pressure: 1 bar / 14.5 psig
Flow Meter Accuracy Standard: 0.5% of rate
Optional:0.2% of rate


Sensor housing Sheet steel, polyurethane coated
Other materials on request
Measuring tube Austenitic stainless steel
Flanges Carbon steel, polyurethane coated
Other materials on request
Liner Standard
DN10…40: F46
DN50…300: PTFE or Hard Rubber
DN300…2200: Hard rubber
Connection box (only remote versions) Standard: polyurethane coated die‐cast aluminum
Measuring electrodes Standard: Stainless steel 316L
Option: Hastelloy C, titanium, tantalum
Other materials on request
Grounding rings Standard: Stainless steel
Option: HastelloyC, titanium, tantalum
Grounding electrodes (option) Same material as measuring electrodes.

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