Fluid Level Indicator Level Gauge

Fluid Level Indicator Level Gauge

Fluid Level Indicator Level Gauge

Model NO.: HLTV
Pressure: Very High Pressure
Indicate: Flow Rate
Transportation: Shipping, Air Freight
Warranty Period: 1year
Material: Carbon Steel
Medium: Liquid, Air, Gas
Exptosion-Proof: Intrinsic Safety/ Explosion-Proof
Export Markets: Global
Trademark: Tianjin U-ideal Instrument
Origin: Tianjin, China
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Product Description
1. We can make it according your specification
2. It widely used in steamed industry

Liquid level gauges for steam and prcess applications

Reflex type glass plate level gauge / level meter/ liquid flow indicator/boiler sight glass/ boiler sight glass valves
Water Level Gauge
liquid-level sensor/transmitter is the customized sensor meter for precise measuring of the oil level of automobile oil tanks, tankers, locomotives and oil depots, etc.
The whole sensor/transmitter is free of any mobile or elastic part and is featured with the good impact resistance, convenient installation, high reliability, high precision, and stable performance. It can not only be installed on various occasions requiring precise level measuring of gasoline, diesel and hydraulic oil, etc, but also be Application for measuring of various non-conductive liquids.
In addition, it can be used for conductive medium measuring on occasions with quite poor conditions, quite serious electromagnetic interference, or dramatic stirring.
The whole series products are capable of self-calibration. The user can realize the ZERO or RANGE self-calibration with two buttons or two lead lines to meet different requirements on various complex occasions.
1. Reflex type
2. Threaded/flange connection.
3. Easy, safe, convenient
Reflex-type glass plate level gauge

(1) Model: HG5
(2) Pressure: 1.6; 2.5; 4.0; 6.3; 10.0 Mpa; 25.0 Mpa.
(3) Temperature: -160° C ~ 250° C.
(4) Measure range: L 300-2000mm;
(5) Needle valve auto-shut pressure: >0.2 Mpa;
(6) Heat tracing steam pressure: <0.6 Mpa;
(7) Heat tracing jacket connection: G1/2 ” external thread;
(7) Wetted material: C. S or S. S.
(8) Flange: DN20, DN25

This glass plate level gauge is based on connectivity. It is used to read liquid level of all kinds of tanks, towers, slots, boxes very easily, safely in high temperature, high pressure, low temperature conditions.

Type B49H DN25 DN20(mm)
Nominal pressure 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa
Test pressure 2.45MPa 3.8MPa 6.0MPa
Install centre distance 300,350,440(mm)
Visual height 165~195(mm)
Display color code Green: have water Red : without water
Observing distance ≤60m
Viewing angle scope 20°
Main material Q235-A carbon steel
Voltage, power AC 36±4V,6W~10W
Medium temperature t≤250°C