Stainless steel Welded sight glass level gauge

Stainless steel Welded sight glass level gauge

Stainless steel Welded sight glass level gauge

Model NO.: TBS-S
Material: Glass Level Gauge, Stainless Steel Plate, Armored
Connection: Flange Connection, Union and Thread(Screw)Connect
Function: Measure and Indicate Liquid Level
The Mode of Transportation: Shipping, Air Freight
Visible Lenth: Non-Blined Type, Visible Lenth =Measure Range
Fluid Measured: Oil Level, Fuel Level, Boiler Tank Water Level
Level Indication: Local Indicator
Big Manufacture: in China
Warranty Period: 1year
Trademark: U-ideal
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Product Name: Stainless steel Welded sight glass level gauge
Exhibitors products: Level Meter / liquid level switch / liquid level transmitter / stainless steel valves – Tianjin U-ideal Instrument Co., Ltd
For viewing the internals of vessels, silos, reactors etc.; mainly used as fluid level indicator.
The base frame of rectangular sightglass fittings is welded onto or into the vessel wall. Then the sightglass plate together with two seals is firmly bolted down by the cover frame and a set of fastening bolts.
Operating Conditions:
It is strongly recommended to check the strength of reinforcement around the cutout in combination with the vessel wall . Pressure: 16 bar, vacuum
100° C with soda lime glass, DIN 8903
243° C with borosilicate glass, DIN 7081
Those temperatures refer to unprotected glass plates, i.e. without mica protective sheet.

Welded sight glass level gauge structure chart

Reflex Level Gauges
1.Reflex Level Gauges are ideal for clean service and non-viscous applications
2.Provides an easy to read black-silver indication (black = liquid, silver = vapour).
3.Solid construction and tempered borosilicate glass
4.Also known as “prismatic” level gauges

Transparent Level Gauges
1.Transparent Level Gauges are ideal for dirty, corrosive services and process steam
2.Solid construction, using tempered borosilicate glass windows with the option of mica shields
3.Also known as a “through-vision” gauge or “clear” level gauges
4.An illuminator is always recommended to be fitted for easy reading of the gauge
Options and accessories:
1.Various valve options including: •Integral, union and OS&Y bolted bonnets
•various connection styles
•offset pattern for easy cleaning
•standard top/ bottom connections or side hook-up for increased visible length
•safety shut-off ball checks
•regrindable / renewable seats
•bleed fittings

2.Speciality materials of construction
3.Illuminators for improved visibility
4.Non-frost extensions for low temperature service
5.Aluminosilicate glass for high temperature service
6.Expansion coils for high temperature service
7.Insulation jackets for the gauge and valves
8.Welding-pad gauges
9.Off-shore coatings
One, Range of application
Serious Glass Sheet Level Gauge is a kind of sight glass level gauge which can show the liquid level directly. These type level gauges are widely used in chemical industries.

Two, TBS-A Transparent level gauge
1) Measure range: 500~1700mm
2) Working temperature:≤250℃
3) Working pressure: ≤4MPa
4) Meter material: carbon steel, SS304 or SS316.
5) Transmit color: nature color
6) Ordinary globe valve or 1/4 opens or close valve.

Three. TBS-F Reflex level gauge
Working pressure: 2.5、4.0、6.3Mpa、10Mpa (temp.≤100℃)、0.6Mpa(suitable for R type).
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
Working temperature: -160~+400℃
Pressure for steel ball shut off automatically: ≥0.2Mpa
Steam pressure: ≤0.6Mpa. Steam sheath joint: G1/2″male thread
Four.TBS-S welded type sight glass level gauge
2)Working pressure: ≤1.0Mpa
3)Working temperature: ≤250℃
4)Welded size:80×366mm.
5)Material: CS, SS304.
u Features
Direct display, high accuracy in indication, is a reliable level gauge.
Simple structure and less maintains
Safe to use and can service for a very long time