Differential Pressure Flowmeter

V Cone Flow Meter-Differential Pressure Flowmeter

V Cone Flow Meter-Differential Pressure Flowmeter

Basic Info.
Model NO.:UVZ
Main Application:Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas
Application:Industrial Production
Type:Differential Pressure Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Gas/Liquid/ Special Fluid
Measuring Principle:Differential Pressure
Certification:JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, UL, RoHS, ISO

Ex-Proof:Intrinsic Safety/ Explosion-Proof
Pressure:Suitable for Very High Pressure
Indicate:Flow Rate, Total Flow
Medium:Liquid, Air, Gas
Export Markets:Global
Measurement Object:Closed Pipeline
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Additional Info.
Trademark:Tianjin U-ideal Instrument
Packing:Wooden Case or Carton
Standard:sgs, iso

HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:3000PCS/Month

Product Description
1. Working principle
This type flowmeters is a differential pressure flowmeters, it get differential pressure to reflect flow rate through throttle. Throttling set is a cone a hanging in the pipeline central. High pressure the static pressure upstream PH (positive pressure) gets from the wall before the cone, low pressure(the pressure downstream) PL (negative pressure) gets from cone central, square root of the differential pressure DP is proportional to the flow.
2.General features:

(1)High measuring accuracy +/-0.5%, trading version +/-0.3%, good repeatability +/-0.1%;
(2)Wide measure range (normally 10:1), low pressure loss, similar to Venturi tube type (is only 1/10 or orifice plate type).
(3)Resistant to dirt, and little blockage.
(4)Good stability for long term;
(5)Can measure high temperature high pressure medium;
(6)Can measure complex medium flow (like multi-phase medium)

3.Applications for the UVZ differential pressure flowmeterCompact Orifice Flowmeter

Oil and Gas Production
Pulp and Paper
Natural Gas

4. technical parameters

1/2 to 12″ pipe size
Accuracy: +/- 0.8 % of rate for liquids
8:1 flow turndown
4-20mA signal based on Hart Communication or FOUNDATION fieldbus
Simple installation
Reduced straight pipe run
Direct mounting capable
Centering mechanism

Classify to different connection modes according the medium, temperature, pressure, working condition, and pipe type.
Pipe flanged type
Flange pressure tap type
Flange clamping type
Pipe butt welding type