Mass Flow controller Instruments Mass Flowmeter

Mass Flow controller,Mass Flow Instruments,Mass Flowmeter

Mass Flow controller Instruments Mass Flowmeter

The Coriolis mass flowmeter Mass Flow controller Instruments Mass Flowmeter can measure the mass flow rate directly, and won’t be affected by the measured medium temperature, pressure, density, viscosity.

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Accuracy:±0.2%~±0.15%, ±0.2-0.5%
Type:Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Liquid
Measuring Principle:Atomic Physics
Flow Fluid Measured:Liquid, Air, Solid Flow
Output Signal:4-20mA, Pulse, RS485, Hart
Indicate:Flow Rate, Total Flow, Density, Temperature
Fluid Types:Two-Phase Flow, Three-Phase Flow
Export Markets:Global
Additional Info.

Packing:Wooden Case or Carton
Origin:Tianjin, China
HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:6000 PCS/Month
Product Description

Mass Flow Meters
Mass flow+ volume flow+density +temperature measurement+calculated variables (e.g. fluid concentrations)I. Main technical parameters
(1) Measurement scope: 2kg/h~500t/h
(2) Accuracy: ± 0.2%~± 0.15%
(3) Work pressure: (0~32) MPa (in case of other high pressure, it must be of special order)
(4) Medium temperature: -50º C~ +350º C,
Measurement accuracy: ± 1º C
(5) Environment temperature: -20º C ~ +70º C
(6) Measurement medium: Liquid, gas, solid, or two phases and three phases mixed fluid
(7) Output signal:
4-20mA current signal of flow, with load resistance ≤ 500Ω
0-10kHz frequency signal of flow.
RS485 Communication protocol
Hart protocol
(8) Power supply voltage: 24VDC
(9) Measurement of measuring pipe: 316L stainless steel
(10) Response time: 0.1s~5s, adjustable
(11) Explosion-proof grade: Ex(ib)II BT2-T5
Mass flow sensor

Composite type mass flowmeter- all – in- one type


Every meter consists of two parts: the sensor (primary meter) and the transmitter (secondary meter).
The sensor (primary meter) is machinery part of mass flow meter. There are a vibrator, two displacement sensors and a temperature sensor in it.
The transmitter (secondary meter) is display part of the meter, also is electrical part. There are power supply, analog circuits, digital circuits, displayer, and output circuits and so on in it. Its foundational functions are receiving and regulating the electrical signal from sensors, directly getting mass flow, temperature and density after regulating, and calculating volume flow and other need parameters from known parameters. It can display, output, store and long distance transmit, and you can modify the parameters of flow meter. There is a diode safety barrier in transmitters; the function of the diode safety barrier is safeguard to isolating explosion.
As the composite explosion-proof flow meter, the sensor (primary meter) is essential safety; the transmitter (secondary meter) is explosion isolated. The sensor and the transmitter may all operate under hazardous area.
As the essential safety flow meter, the sensor (primary meter) can operate under hazardous area, the transmitter (secondary meter) must only operate under prescriptive safety area (see section 3.2), forbidden to operate under hazardous area.

The sensor can be installed vertically or horizontally.

1.     Introduction of Coriolis flow meter

The Coriolis force mass flowmeter can measure the mass flow rate directly, and won’t be affected by the measured medium temperature, pressure, density, viscosity.

High precision of CMF series of Coriolis force mass flowmeter is mainly used to measure the instantaneous mass flow rate and cumulative mass flow, instantaneous volume flow and cumulative volume flow, at the same time also can display the medium temperature, medium density or concentration. It is mainly suitable for the following industries:
(1) he Toil industry, such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil fuel metering; Crude oil output measurement, moisture content, the single well production; Crude oil loading and unloading metering, etc.;
(2) The chemical industry, such as toluene, xylene, butanone, cyclohexanone, n-butyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, methylene chloride, chloroform, liquid sulfur, lactam etc;
(3) The power industry, such as heavy oil, diesel fuel oil metering, slurry density meter limestone-gypsum wet desulphurization;
(4) The food, pharmaceutical industries, such as chocolate syrup, milk, fruit juice, pharmaceuticals, BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemicals) measurement (clamp type healthy connection type);
(5) The energy industry, such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, high pressure gas metering;

Specs Line Sizes (mm) Flow Range (t/h) Calibration Range (t/h) Max. Tube Pressure (MPa) Zero Stability (t/hr) Velocity? Parameter
DN1 1 0-0.04 0.004~0.04 30 0.000008 353.7
DN3 3 0~0.35 0.035~0.35 30 0.000067 39.3
DN6 6 0~0.7 0.07~0.7 30 0.00016 19.65
DN10 10 0~1.2 0.12~1.2 30 0.0002 4.912
DN15 15 0~6.4 0.64~6.4 4 0.0011 2.183
DN25 25 0~16 1.6~16 4 0.002 0.902
DN40 40 0~40 4~40 4 0.003 0.334
DN50 50 0~65 6.5~65 4 0.006 0.197
DN80 80 0~160 16~160 2.5 0.01 0.0873
DN100 100 0~250 25~250 2.5 0.015 0.0544
DN150 150 0~550 55~550 2.5 0.03 0.0239