Variable Area Water Rotameter

Variable Area Flow Meter-Variable Area Water Rotameter

Variable Area Flow Meter-Variable Area Water Rotameter

Variable Area Flow Meter-Variable Area Water Rotameter

Basic Info.
Model NO.:LUGB-A/B/C
Main Application:Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas, Corrosive Liquid/Gas, Steam
Application:Industrial Production
Type:Vortex Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Gas
Measuring Principle:Electrical Principles
Measurement Object:Closed Pipeline
Certification:JIS, DIN, ANS, CE, SGS, ISO
Measure Medium:Steam Flow, Liquid Flow, Air Flow Range

Additional Info.
Trademark:Tianjin U-ideal Instrument
Packing:Carton or Playwood Case
Standard:IP65, IP67

Flow Indicating:Mass Flow and Volume Flow
Power:24V, 220V, Battery
Connection:Flange, Clamp, Snap-on
Compensation Model Mass Flow Meter LCD:Mass Transient Flow, Mass Total Flow
Volumn Flow LCD Display:Transient Flow and Accumulated Flow
Compensation Type LCD:Density, Pressure, Temperature
Signal:Modbus RS485, Hart, 4~20mA, Pulse
Compensation Selection:Temperature and Pressure
Export Markets:Global
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Origin:Tianjin, China
HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:2000PCS

Product Description
What is Metal Tube Rotameter?
Metal tube rotameter, characterized by high strength, safety, and durability, is designed to measure the flow of such medium as liquid, gas, and vapor etc. It is especially suitable for measuring the corrosive and turbid liquid as a result of its fine characteristics of high pressure and temperature resistance. Metal tube rotameter is able to not only ensure high measurement accuracy but also enhance safety and dependability. Thanks to its nicely unique appearance design, it has the finest explosion proof performance.
The rotameter adopts variable area measuring principle. The measuring device is composed of one taper measuring pipe and floater. The floater can move freely up and down in the taper measuring pipe to change the flow area in the pipe. When the flow changes, the vertical position of the floater inside the measuring pipe changes correspondingly. Through magnetic transmitting system, the position of the floater is transmitted to the dial scale of the indicator to indicate the flow.
Rotameter uses magnetic sensor and chip process technology, which allows the LCD to express instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, and percentage flow, and also provides twowire current signals output 4~20mA, compatible with HART communication protocol. Equipped with the indicator and alarm switch on the setpoint, metal tube rotameter gives high precession indicating and alarm signals output.

Features of Metal Tube Rotameter
·All metal construction, strong and stable.
·Short stroke, compact structure.
·Low pressure loss design.
·New style magnetic coupling structure ensures that the signal transmission is more stable.
·Magnetic filter can be added as customer requirements.
·Thermal insulation or tracing heat jacket.
·Used in the gas and liquid measurement in all industries. The measurement parts can adopt different materials to be suitable for different media.
·Suitable for harsh environment and seriously corrosion media. Having good heat resistance and pressure resistance.
·Intelligent dual-line LCD display, on site instant/cumulative flow display and back light as options.
·Two-wire system, battery, alternating current can be chosen to supply the power.
·With data recovery, data backup and power fail protection functions.
Variable Area Flow Meter-Variable Area Water Rotameter Variable Area Flow Meter-Variable Area Water Rotameter

Technical Specifications of Metal Tube float Rotameter

LZ U-ideal Series of metal tube float flow-meter
Structure of transmitter
50 Vertical connection , flow from bottom to top
51 Flow form bottom to side
52 Flow from side to side
53R Horizontal connection , Flow from right to left
53L Horizontal connection, flow from left to right
54 Vertical connection , flow from top to bottom
Wetted material
R0 Stainless steel 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
R1 Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
R4 Stainless steel 304
R4L Stainless steel 304L
R6 Stainless steel 316
R6L Stainless steel 316L
RP Stainless steel lining PTFE
Hc Hastelloy C276
Ti Titanium
M1 Square shell ,glass view, local indication, intrinsic safety and limit switch
M2 Circle shell , local indication, intrinsic safety or explosion-proof and limit switch
Display and Output
Es 24VDC power supply, Output 4-20mA , two-wires, HART communication
Js 3.6V lithium battery power-supply ,None Output
Anti-Explosion Type
Ex Intrinsic safety
Ed Explosion-proof
Alarm Output
K1 One point high limit switch
K2 One point low limit switch
K12 Two point high-low limit switch
Assistance structure
T Heating or cooling jacket
Z Damp system
G High-temperature indicator
Fluid type
Air Gas
LZ50/R1/M1/Es/Ex/K1/Z/Air ( describe: Vertical connection, fluid take from bottom to top, Wetted material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti, M1 indicator , Remote Output, Intrinsic safety, One point high limit switch and the medium is gas. )


Flow range Water 2.5~100000L/h; Air 0.07~800m3/h
Range ratio Standard type10:1; Special order 20:1
Accuracy Standard type: ±1.5%FS; Special order: up to ±1 %FS
Max. Working Pressure Standard type: DN15~DN50, 4.0MPa; DN80~DN200,1.6MPa;Special order: DN15~DN50, 25MPa; DN80~DN200, 16MPa
Environment Temperature LCD type: -30°C~+85°C; Pointer type: -40°C~+120°C
Connection Form Flange connection: DIN2501 standard type; Can be made in accordance with the user’s requirement
Explosion-proof Class Intrinsically safe Exia II CT3~6 flameproof Exd II BT4
Protection Grade IP65
Viscosity DN15: <5mPa.s(F15.1-F15.3); <30mPa.s(F15.4-F15.8)DN25: <250mPFa.s
DN50-DN150: <300mPa.s