with Alarm Switch Glass Rotameter

with Alarm Switch Glass Rotameter


Glass Rotameter

Basic Info.
Model NO.:LZS
Type:Variable Area Flow Meter
Measuring Principle:Mechanics
Protection Class:IP65
Measuring Media:Liquid
Working Temperature:0 O C – +55 O C
Export Markets:Global
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Product Description

Working principle

Rotameter with alarm switch bistable magnetic excitation functions using the magnetron, magnetic float to achieve contacts with the opening and closing. Relays and other components to achieve with their own sound, light alarm needs.

Functions and Applications

BJ01: Limit alarm switch
BJ02: Lower limit alarm switch
BJ01 and BJ02 alarm switch can be at maximum, in the middle, the minimum value of any traffic signals. Alarm switch mounted on sliding rails, select the desired location. When the magnetic float switch position is reached or exceeded, i. e. A signal. At this point the internal contacts open or closed.

Technical parameters

Working pressure: ≤ DC100V or AC100V Working Current: ≤ 0.5A switch, constant current: ≤ DC0.3A interdiction Power: ≤ 10W
Insulation resistance> 10 Working temperature: 0 º C – +55 º C Protection class: IP65 lag (open or closed position) ≤ 4mm


1 installation, try to stay away from the external magnetic interference devices, such as large motors.
2 fluid medium can not contain ferromagnetic impurities
3 should be installed in the pipe vibration, in order to prevent malfunction of the switch contacts.

LZS-Series with alarm switch flowmeter installation dimensions
LZS-series plastic pipe flowmeter technology parameters with alarm switch
Glass rotameter-flow meter
Float type flow meter
For liquid and gas
Low cost rotameter
Low flow rate flow meter

Visual flow meter

          Model     mm            Range     Accuracy   Media State
       Long Tube Type        Short Tube Type   ºC   MPa
      LZS-15       15 10-100l/h 16-160l/h 25-250l/h 40-400l/h 60-600l/h 5-50l/h 10-100l/h 16-160l/h 25-250l/h 40-400l/h 50-500l/h 60-600l/h 100-1000l/h ±4% 0-60 ≤0.6
       LZS-25          25 100-1000l/h 160-1600l/h 250-2500l/h 100-1000l/h 160-1600l/h 4-40l/min 250-2500l/h
     LZS-32        32 0.4-4m³/h 0.6-6 m³/h
         LZS-50               50 0.4-4 m³/h 0.6-6 m³/h 1-10 m³/h 1.6-16 m³/h 1-10 m³/h 1.6-16 m³/h
      LZS-65          65 2.5-16 m³/h 5-25 m³/h 8-40 m³/h 12-60 m³/h

LZS-Series with alarm switch flowmeter installation dimensions

Model Size  Dg(mm)
Long Tube Type Short Tube Type
L D1 D2 D3 L D1 D2 D3
LZS-15 280 20 26 45 202 20 26 45 15tube20 25tube32 32tube40 50tube63 65tube75
LZS-25 380 32 39 68 226 32 39 60
LZS-32 288 40 49.5 74
LZS-50 430 63 73 98 341 63 73 98
LZS-65 430 75 88 122