Insertion type Vortex Flow Meter


Insertion type Vortex Flow Meter

Model NO.:Insertion Flow Meter
Main Application:Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Application:Industrial Production
Type:Vortex Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Gas/Steam/Liquid
Main Application: Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Application: Industrial Production
Measuring Media: Gas/Steam/Liquid
Certification: JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, UL, RoHS, SGS, ISO
Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Accuracy.: Liquid: ±1.0% Reading Gas, Steam
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Additional Info.
Trademark:Tianjin U-ideal Instrument
Packing:Wooden Case or Carton
Standard:CE, ROHS, SGS, GMP

Origin:Tianjin, China
HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:50000PCS/Year

Product Description
Insertion Type Vortex Flow Meter for Gas/Steam/Liquid
1.This series Flowmeter can accurately measure within wide flow range of gas, liquid and steam flow rate but not influenced by fluid physical properties at the same time.
2 It is not affected by temperature and pressure, have the advantages of not easy to block, not easy card. And resistance high temperature and high pressure, safe and explosion-proof. It is used to the bad environment.
3 No moving parts and no hole aperture design. Long service life.
4 Adopting micro power consumption of new and high technology, this batery with display type flowmeter can work more than two years with continuos electricity.
5 Temperature compensation and integrated design
6 Output current type of electrical isolation, Has the good common-mode interference suppression.
7 it is Also showed flow values and cumulative flow value, and don’t have to take turns to switch
8 Using vibration probe, the effective elimination of the influence of external vibration.
Available:Liquid, Gas, Steam
Not For:liquid with high viscosity
Vibration will affect the accuracy
No moving part
Fluid temperature: +250ºC

Product Structure
Simple Insertion Insertion with ball valve
Type A Type B Type
Accuracy ±2.5% ±2.5%
Display Optional Optional
Output Signal Optional: Pulse or 4-20mA Optional: Pulse or 4-20mA
Communication Optional: RS485 Optional: RS485
Power Supply +24VDC±15% +24VDC±15%
Explosion Proof Optional: ExdIIBT6 or ExiaIICT4 Optional: ExdIIBT6 or ExiaIICT4
Protection Level IP65 IP65
Product Material 304SS 304SS
Pressure Rating 1.0MPa 1.0MPa
Fluid Temperature -20ºC~250ºC -20ºC~250ºC
Ambient Temperature -20ºC~70ºC -20ºC~70ºC

3.Flow range

Flow Range (m3/h) Diameter
Flow Range (m3/h)
Liquid Gas Liquid Gas
200 70-700 600-6000 500 450-4500 4200-42000
250 110-1100 1060-10600 600 600-6000 6100-61000
300 180-1800 1500-15000 800 800-8000 11000-110000