Vortex Air Flow Meter -Vortex Flow meter

Vortex Air Flow Meter -Vortex Flow meter

Vortex Flowmeter

Basic Info.
Environmental Temperature:- 30 Degrees C ~ + 60 ° C
Medium Temperature:- 200c.Best ~ + 80 Degrees

Atmospheric Pressure:106kpa~70kpa
106kpa; 70kpa:5% ~ 95%
Export Markets:Global
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Additional Info.
Packing:Wooden Case or Carton
Standard:ANSI JIP DIN JS and others

HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:2000 PCS/Month

Product Description
Tianjin U-ideal Instrument Co., Ltd Vortex flow meters measure the steam, air and low viscosity flow rate on the basis of carman and strouhal theory, The following picture is appearance of flow rate and the relation between the swirl and the flow rate.

Plumb in a triangular prism (occurrence of the whirl) to the body. When there is a flow of fluid, the opposite direction systematic of Carmen whirl will be generated behind of the triangular prism. Vortex shedding frequency F is in proportion to the rate of the flow V. Detect the Nos of the vortex through sensor probe, then the rate of flow will be calculated. And then calculate the fluid volume and flow rate according to the diameter.

Computing formula as follows:
F=St*V/(1-1.27*d/D): Formula 1
Q=3600*F/K: Formula 2
M=Q*p: Formula 3λ
F^^the vortex frequency cause when fluid flow through the triangular. (unit: Hz)

Different diameter vortex sensor, the meter factors are different. The value is settable through set flow rate. The action is to set the pulse quantity per cubic meter.

Three. Technique parameter
3.1 physical parameter
Nominal diameter: Filled vortex flow meter Φ 10-Φ 500
Insert type vortex flow meterΦ 200-Φ 2000
Measuring fluid: Liquid, gas, saturated vapor, super-heated steam
Standard condition: P=0.101325MPa T=20º C
Suitable environment temperature: -20º C~+55º C
Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106KPa
Relative humidity: 5%~95%
Fluid temperature: For filled vortex flow meter: -40º C~+42; For insert vortex flow meter: -40º C~+250º C
Pressure class: PN 1.0MPaPN1.6MPaPN2.5MPaPN4.0MPa
Clamp-on vortex flow meter’s flanges pressure are all PN2.5MPa, and their direct flange-connecting are PN1.0MPa pressure flange.
Insert type vortex flow meter’s flanges are all PN1.6Mpa bearing pressure as normal when out of factory. So if bigger, noted.
Accuracy class: LZ-J-A 1class, 1.5class (0.5class and 0.2class can be negotiation)
LZ-J-B 2.5class (1.5class and 1.0class can be negotiation)
Digit intelligent vortex flow meter’s measuring range: Liquid (0.30m/s~8.0m/s), gas, steam(2.8m/s~6.5m/s)
Anticorrosion class: Exia IICT4 explosion-proof type and ExdIICT5 flame-proof type.
Protection class: IP54, IP65
Body material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti(if other material is required, negotiation firstly)

3.2 electric factors
Working voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, 3.6VDC Lithium battery (battery life is more that 2years. Only for field display)

Voltage pulse of working condition instantaneous flow

Voltage pulse for instantaneous flow rate on standard condition (limits to temperature and pressure integrative compensation type vortex flow meter. Low level≤ 1V, high level≥ 6V)

Working condition instantaneous flow rate is corresponding to 2-wire 4~20mA output (limit to temperature and pressure compensation integration type vortex flow meter, 3-wire system 4~20mA output)

Standard instantaneous flow rate is corresponding to 3-wire 4~20mA output (limited to temperature and pressure compensation type)
Communication type: RS232, RS485 or HART protocol (these protocol should be negotiated)
Indicating type

Field double rows liquid digit display, can display both instant flow rate and total flow at the same time. For the temperature and pressure compensation type the indicator can display temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow rate and total flow in a cycle. (That is suitable to temperature and pressure compensation type or ordinary display type).

3-row field liquid crystal display: Can display flow rate and total flow at standard condition or temperature, pressure, density, flow rate, total flow, frequency and cell voltage at working condition.

4.Technical parameters

Flow range
( m3/ h)
Operate pressure
( MPa)
Accuracy Repeability
15 1.5~12 1.6
1/3 better than the basic error’s absolute value limit
20 2~15
25 3.0~30
32 6.0~60
40 7.0~70
50 10~130
80 20~400
100 70~800
125 90~1000
150 190~1900
200 180~3600 1.6;2.5;4.0