Vortex Flow Meter steam flowmeter air flowmeter

Vortex Flow Meter,steam flowmeter,air flowmeter

Vortex Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter steam flowmeter air flow meter (Intelligent with temperature and pressure compensation)


Model NO.:LUGB     Accuracy:±0.2-0.5%     Size:Dn15~Dn300  

  Sensor:Tube/Flange   Type:Vortex Flow Meter  Measuring Media:Gas

Measuring Principle:Mechanics     Export Markets:Global

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Packing:Wooden Case



HS Code:90261000

Production Capacity:5000

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LUGB Intelligent Vortex Flow meter

LUGB Intelligent Vortex Flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation.
Vortex flow meter Instruction:
Vortex Flowmeter is on the principle of karman street, to measure liquid, gas and vapour even turbid liquid induding micro grain and impurity. Applications: Petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, metallurgy, electric force, environmental protection, food industry and etc.
Vortex Flowmeter(flange Connection)
Vortx Flow meter (Flange Card installed type)
Vortex flow meter (Temperature-pressure integration type)
Vortex flow meter (inserted type)
Vortex flowmeter (sanitary-clamp type)
2-wire all -in-one vortex flowmeter with temperature and pressure compensation, Can display instantaneous mass flow, total flow rate and temperature and pressure of Saturated steam and superheated steam, gas. Temperature sensor and flow sensor head can be replaced in the case of a continuous flow.
Technique parameter:
Nominal diameter: DN25~DN300
Accuracy: ± 1%, ± 1.5%
Connection: Flange connection, holding(flange clamp-on)
Fluid temperature: -40~+350 C
Nominal pressure: 2.5MPa (>2.5MPa)
Output: Local LCD display(3.6V lithium battery enough to power more than 2years)
4~20mA(+24VDC); Pulse output 3-wire system.
Explosion-proof: ExibIICT6
Working principle
Vortex flow meters measure the steam, air and low viscosity flow rate on the basis of carman and strouhal theory, The following picture is appearance of flow rate and the relation between the swirl and the flow rate.
Picture one
As picture one, plumb in a triangular prism (occurrence of the whirl) to the body. When there is a flow of fluid, the opposite direction systematic of Carmen whirl will be generated behind of the triangular prism. Vortex shedding frequency F is in proportion to the rate of the flow V. Detect the Nos of the vortex through sensor probe, then the rate of flow will be calculated. And then calculate the fluid volume and flow rate according to the diameter.
Computing formula as follows:
F=St*V/(1-1.27*d/D)…Formula 1
Q=3600*F/K…Formula 2
M=Q*p…Formula 3
L F…The vortex frequency cause when fluid flow through the triangular. (unit: Hz)
L St…Strouhal constant
L V…The speed of flow in the tube(m/s)
L d…Width of triangular in body of vortex
L D…Vortex diameter(unit: M)
L Q…Instantaneous volume flow rate(unit: M3/h)
L K…Vortex factor(unit: Pulse quantity/m3)
L M…Instantaneous(unit: Kg/h)
L P…The fluid density(kg/m3)
Different diameter vortex sensor, the meter factors are different. The value is settable through set flow rate. The action is to set the pulse quantity per cubic meter.