Top Mounted Magnetic Float Level meter

Top Mounted Magnetic Float Level meter

Top Mounted Magnetic Float Level meter

Model NO.: UHC-C-D
Range: 0-15m
Accuracy: 0.1%
Structure: All in One
Process Temperature: -190~425℃
Mounting: Vertical / Horizontal
Products Feature: Sanitary or Industrial
Principle: Magnetic Sensors
Measurement Accuracy: ±3mm
Kind: Magnetic Flap
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: SS304
Color: Bi-Color
Mounting Method: Side/Top Flange or Screw
Body / Float Material: PTFE, Titanium, PP, PFA, CS, Ss304, Ss316L
Specification: ANSI, DIN, JIS, VW or others
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Product Description

UHC-D type Top Mounted Magnetic Float Level meter
1) Measure ranges: 0~6000mm
2)measure accuracy:±5mm
3)nominal pressure:≤PN2.5MPa
4)fluid density:≥0.5g/cm3
5)working temperature: -20~450ºC
6) level transmitter and level switches can be added on order.


Series UHC type Top Mounted Magnetic Float Level meter have been used by many enterprises of all walks of chemical, industries, petroleum, electricity, food, light, medicine, metallurgy, papermaking etc to measure the fluid level in pressure container and flammable and toxic liquid in opening container.

Not only can display directly in field by two colors, but also can added upper and lower point alarming level switches and control equipments, and that can realize the control and alarm function to the liquid in boiler automatically.

This type level gauges can also connect with UR type transducer to realize remote digital analogy display and 4~20mA output signal.

UHC-C type Side Mounted Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges
UHC-D type Top Mounted Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges
UHC-B type Steam Jacket Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges for low temperature
UHC-F type Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges
UHC-G type Boiler Special Using high temperature Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges
UHC-C-Y type Electric Remote level transmitter Bi-color Magnetic Level Gauges

These Level Indicators are flanged to the tank for indicating level of liquids and liquefied gases in open or closed tanks. These can be used in high temperature and pressure applications or if sight glasses and similar indicating glass parts cannot be used for safety reasons. This instrument is preferred because there is a safe pressure and gas tight separation between measuring and indicating parts. Thus the magnetic level indicator is suitable for a wide range of applications for the chemicals, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, refineries, oil and fuel tanks etc.
The cage is flanged to the tank & the level is indicated on a Strip which consists of magnetic bi-colour rollers. The floats are available in various metallurgies like SS316, Titanium, PVDF, Polypropylene and PVC.
•Used for high temp and pr applications or if glass parts cannot be used for safety reasons.
•Applications in Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, petrochemical, refineries, oil and fuel tanks etc.
•Available in side andtop mounting versions
•Capsule Indicator in glass tube or magnetic bi-colour rollers
•SS 304, SS 316, PTFE, PP, PVC & PVDF Float & Cage Material
•Max. C.C. Distance : 5000 mm, greater lenghts on request.
•Flanged connection drilled ot ASA 150# or other on demand
•Pr 20 Kg/cm2 for SS & 3 Kg/cm2 for PP, PVC & PVDF, Higher Pr rating on demand
•Temp 450oC for SS, 80oC for PVDF, 60oC for PVC, 50oC (Max) for PP
•Specific Gravity : Min 0.5
•AI/SS etched scale in cm
•+/- 5 mm accuracy

level transmitter Magnetic Float PTFE antiseptic-Magnetic Float-Level Indicator-level-transmitter
Principle of Operation

These models consists of Red or Black/white magnetic rollers equipped with small rod magnets which are rotated one after another at an angle of 180º by the magnetic field of the permanent magnet put inside the float. The rollers change from white to red on rising level and red to white on falling level. Plastic rollers are suitable for liquid temperature upto 100ºC & Alluminium rollers for temperature upto 250ºC and ceramic rollers for temperature upto 450ºC.
The level in a tank or agitating machine is permanently indicated as a Red or Black column even in the case of power fallure.
In addition, Level Sensing elements can be fixed directly to the float cage, so that-simultaneous, contact less sensing is measured electrically. Electronic Level indicator with set point can be connected with the sensor to have reading in remote. Single or double set point relays can also be provided in the electronic indicator for control purposes.

Float Cage Material SS304, SS316, PTFE, PP, PVC, PVDF
Max. Centre to Centre Distance 6000 mm, greater lengths on request
Connecting Flanges According to DIN or ANSI B16.5
Rated Pressure 20 Kg/cm2 for SS & 3 Kg for PP, PVC & PVDF
Higher pressure rating can also be provided
Temperature of Liquid 450ºC (Max.) for SS, 80ºC (Max.) for PVDF
60ºC (Max.) for PVC, 50ºC (Max.) for PP
Specific Gravity Min. 0.5
Scale Graduated in cm, Aluminium or SS304
Measuring Accuracy +/- 5 mm