Transmitter Added to Magnetic Level Indicator

Transmitter Added to Magnetic Level Indicator

Transmitter Added to Magnetic Level Indicator

Model NO.: UHC
Structure Design: Straight Bar Type
Display Type: Decile Calibration
Certification: ISO
Accuracy: 1mm
Structure: All in One
Principle: Magnetic Sensors
Type: Silicon Piezoresistive Type
Pressure Range: High Pressure
IP Rating: IP65
Kind: Liquid Level Transmitter
Range: 0-15m
Warranty Period: 12 Months

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Product Description

General Introduction
Transmitter Added to Magnetic Level Indicator is a new type of level transmitter with high accuracy.
It can be installed outside of the magnetic level gauge tube as a set, to realize high accuracy liquid level measuring and remote transmitting.
Structure and Working Principle
It is consist of waveguide wire (tube), active magnetic and electrics which transmit pulse signal and receive the returned signal. When the pulse generator in the electric probe produced electric pulse, the pulse transmit on the waveguide wire, at the same time, pulse produce a magnetic field which is around and perpendicular to the waveguide wire, the magnetic field transmit on the waveguide wire at speed of light. When the pulse magnetic field meets the floater magnetic field, they formed helical magnetic field, and produce instantaneous torsion, that torsion forms a torsion wave return to electric probe at velocity of sound which lead the two ends of coil produce induced pulse. By measuring the time difference between electric pulse and returned torsion wave, we can calculate the measured liquid level precisely. If add temperature sensor into the measuring tube, we can know the liquid temperature.


Main technique parameters
Accuracy: +/- 1mm
Power: 24VDC (15~35V)
Power Consumption: <=1.0W
Output: 4~20mA (two-wire) or 4~20mA with HART
Load: 600Ω (when 24VDC supply)
Working temperature: -40~120º C
Electric: M20*1.5*2pcs NPT
Explosion class: Intrinsic safety ExiaII CT4~T6
Flame proof ExdII BT4~T6
Protection Class: IP65

Name Megnetism Rolling Board Transmitter
output 2-wire 2~20mA, switching alarm, LCD, Hart optional
Load 0~500
Level range H=0.1~30m(special assemble if longer than 6m)
Accuracy A:+/-5mm, B: +/-10mm, C: +/-20mm
Fluid temperature -20~150ºC
Electric Power DC 24V
Model selection
UQK-B floater level transmitter
Accuracy A 5mm
B 10mm
C 20mm
structure 1 float ball diameter:45mm. H1=40mm, H2=30mm
2 76mm, H1=50mm, H2=40mm
3 125mm, H1=80mm, H2=65mm
Insallation F flange
P angle plate bracket
S screw
A adjustable screw is optional
Other function P pressure <0.6MPa
E explosion-proof
S Digital display