Lzm-J Series Glass Tube Flow Meter

Lzm-J Series Glass Tube Flow Meter

















Basic Info.

Model NO.:Lzm-J
Main Application:Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Nature Gas, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Application:Industrial Production
Type:Variable Area Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Liquid
Measuring Principle:Mechanics

Certification:JIS, DIN, ANS, GB, CE, UL, RoHS, ISO
Medium:Liquid, Air, Gas
Pressure:Suitable for Very High Pressure
Signal:Pulse, 4~20mA, Hart, RS485
Ex-Proof:Intrinsic Safety/ Explosion-Proof
Export Markets:Global
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Product Description

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The LZM-ZT / T series panel meter technical parameters
can be used for measure volume flow of liquid or air, such as air flow measuring, water flow test, diesel oil flow meter.
1.Product Features
Medium temperature: -20~+120º C
Ambient temperature: -20~+55º C
High quality turbine resulting in wider measurement range than conventional ones
Various types of transducers for different applications
The unique Multi-point intelligent non-linear correction to the instrument coefficient

Accuracy assurance due to the standard flow calibration facilities
100% pressure experiment, 100% products quality inspection
Power-Off Protection: The instrument coefficient and the accumulative flow value can be saved for ten years without power

2. Basic Parameters

Sensors of which diameter ranges from DN4 to DN40 are screw thread connection and the maximum pressure tolerance is 6.3Mpa
Sensors of which diameter ranges from DN50 to DN200 are flanged connection and the maximum pressure tolerance is 6.3Mpa
Sensors of which diameter ranges from DN4 to DN40 have straight pipes and filters upstream and downstream.

Glass rotameter-flow meter parameters

Model Range Thread Accuracy Size(mm)
GPM LPM Nm 3 /h A B C D E G H I
LZM-15J 0.1-1 0.5-4 1-10  1.6-16
±4% 216 32 206 37 33 1/2″ 165 30
0.2-2 0.8-8
0.3-3 1-11
0.5-5 2-18
1-7 2-28
1.5-9 5-35
LZM-20J 2-10 8-40 2.5-25  6-60
16-80  16-160
233 39 220 44 49 3/4″ 165 32
2-16 8-60
2-20 8-80
LZM-25J 1.5-15 6-60 20-200
253 44 240 50 48 1″ 175 40
3-13 10-50
4-24 10-100
5-35 10-130
5-45 10-170


With Valve Float O-ring
√ O- No √ 1.ABS
2.PP 3.PVC 4.Brass 5.Brass chromeplate 6.SS
√ 1.Silicon rebber
2.Fluorin rubber