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Battery power supply integrated Ultrasonic flowmeter header



Basic Info.
Main Application:Water, Wastewater, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Corrosive Liquid/Gas
Sensor:Clamp-on/insert type
Application:Industrial Production
Type:Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Liquid
Measuring Principle:Acoustics
Measurement Object:Closed Pipeline
Unit:Gallon, Cubic Feet, Cubic Meter, etc.
Display:Instant flow,heat,time;accumulate flow,heat,time
Power supply:Battery
Export Markets:Global
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Additional Info.

Origin:Tianjin, China
HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:5000set/Month

Product Description

Battery power supply integrated Ultrasonic flowmeter/Field display Ultrasonic flowmeter

What is Ultrasonic Flow Meter?
Ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. It uses the well-known transit-time measurement principle, plus our proprietary signal processing and ultrasonic transcribing technologies.
A pair of ultrasonic transducers is mounted on the pipe upstream and down stream respectively. Each transducer serves as both ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The main unit operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a coded burst of sound energy between the two transducers. The transit-times in the upstream direction as well as in the downstream direction are measured. The difference of the two transit times is directly and exactly related to the velocity and the liquid in the pipe.
Features of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Energy rate and total consumption measurement
  • Non-intrusive clamp-on technology. Easy and economical installation
  • No moving parts to worn out. Long life span. No maintenance
  • High accuracy. Thermal energy custody transfer performanceWide flow measurement range, bi-directional
  • Built-in totalizer, batch controllers and task scheduler
  • Isolated RS-485 interface. Supports MODBUS protocol
  • Abundant inputs/outputs, such as 4-20mA output, relay output, pulse output, alarm output, etc
  • Easy to use and set up. Self-explanatory menu-driven programming
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) Weather-resistant enclosure Low-power consumption, less than 1.5Watts
  • Suitable for virtually any liquid heating/cooling systems such as HVAC, office buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, solar heating systems and geothermal systems.





Field display clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeter

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