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Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter/ Flow Sensor/ Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Basic Info.
Model NO.:LWGY
Type:Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Modle:Wall-Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Measuring Media:Liquid

Additional Info.
Trademark:Tianjin U-ideal Instrument
Packing:Wooden Case or Carton

Measuring Principle:Optics
Size:Clamp-on Type;Rack Type.
Export Markets:Global
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HS Code:90261000
Production Capacity:3000PCS/Month

Product Description

Ultrasonic flow meters is designed to measure the velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. It uses the well-known transit-time measurement principle, plus our proprietary signal processing and ultrasonic transceiving technologies.

Portable ultrasonic flow meter
Handheld ultrasonic flow meter
Separate fixed ultrasonic flow meter

Applicable medium: Water, sea water, fuel oil and other single, uniform and stable liquid which can conduct ultrasonic

1. Introduction:
1. The ultrasonic flowmeter has the excellent features and functions such as the pulse measurement technology, the ultrasonic igniting and the small signal receiving circuits etc.

2. It incorporates the latest ICs manufactured from the famous semiconductor manufacturers like Philips, Maxim, TI, Winbond, and Xilinx.

3. It has ease of operation, high accuracy and outstanding reliability, while the software provides a very friendly user interface and much more functions.

4. Its strong anti-interference ability makes sure that it can work properly even in demanding industrial environments such as those with power frequency transverter working nearby.

5. The signal receiving circuits feature self-adapting performance so as to ensure that the user can easily operate the instrument without any adjustment.

6. The built-in rechargeable Ni-H battery can work continuously for more than 12 hours without recharging.

7. The user-friendly software interface both in English and Chinese languages and small-sized PCB board.

1. Highly Accurate Over a Wide Flow Range
2. Ideal for chilled water, hot water, domestic water,
Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ONICON Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters are ideal for those applications where it is difficult to install insertion or inline flow meters.

It is not necessary to shut down flow or penetrate the pipe in any way when installing this meter. Instead, a pair of precision signal transducers that are matched to the pipe accurately measure flow through the pipe wall.

Standard Features:

1. Frequency Matching Technology Enhances Performance
ONICON provides precision transducers that operate at frequencies that match the acoustic properties of the pipe. This proprietary design allows for strong stable flow measurement signals and minimizes the effects of noise.

2. Ideal for Retrofit Installations
Install the meter in existing systems at any time without disrupting flow.

3. Highly Accurate Over a Wide Flow Range
± 1% of reading flow measurement accuracy from 1 to 40 ft/sec velocity. Matched transducers and a built-in auto zero function insure excellent low flow performance. This makes the meter ideal for variable flow applications such as domestic water flow.

4. Simplified Installation and Commissioning
Each meter is fully configured and programmed before it leaves the factory and is ready for use upon delivery.

5. Typical Applications
The F-4200 is ideal for chilled water, hot water, domestic water, condenser water and boiler feeds.

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items Spec
Main Unit 2 line x 20 character LCD with backlight
Working temperature: -20–60°C
Mini thermal printer with 24 line character output
4×4+2 pushbutton keypad
RS485 serial port, can download the newest software upgrading on our company’s website
Transducers TS-1: small size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size: DN15-100mm, liquid temperature ≤110°C
TM-1:medium size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size:DN50-1000mm, liquid temperature ≤110°C
TL-1: Large size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size: DN300-6000mm, liquid temperature ≤110°C
Liquid types Water, sea water, industrial sewage, acid and alkali liquid, various oils etc. liquid which can transmit sound wave.
Flow velocity range 0-±30m/s
Accuracy Better than ±1%
Power Supply Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery (for 20 hours operation) or
AC 220V
Power Consumption 1.5W
Charging Intelligent charging with AC 220V. After charging sufficiently, it automatically stop and display green light
Weight Net weight: 2.5kg (main unit)
Remarks With a high strength carrying case suitable for normal and harsh environment