Industrial Ultrasonic Water Meter

Industrial Ultrasonic Water Meter


Package: Wooden Case or Carton
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Model NO.: XK-H100
Size: Dn15~Dn300
Type: Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Trademark: U-ideal

Accuracy: 0.2%-0.5%
Sensor: Clamp-on/External
Measuring Media: Gas
Origin: Tianjin, China

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Product Description
1.Low in initial flowrate, and the min. flow velocity measured is 0.002 m/s;
2.Measurement cycle 1 time per second, battery powered (One battery can work continuously for 6 years);
3.Multi-channel construction design, double cross section measurement, and be able to ensure the measurement accuracy to the largest extent;
4.Be able to work at any flow point for long time;
5.IP68 of the whole meter, for each unit of the meter is IP68 designed;
6.Micro-consumption design, less than 0.0008W;
7.Drift diameter design, no pressure loss.
Operating on velocity-difference principle, the XK-H100 series is specially designed for urban water supply and building-use. The conventional water meters suffer from the drawbacks that they are only operable at a higher flowrate and are insensitive to a small flowrate. However, the XK-H100 series water meter can help tackle the bottleneck. And the meter is highly adaptable to diversified industrial conditions.

XK-H100 ultrasonic water meter is the latest innovation from U-Ideal. It employs cutting-edge technologies on ultrasonic flow measurement, digital signal processing (DSP) and surface mounting electronics. It has no moving parts, thus, is literally maintenance-free. The sensor is straight-through type, no blockage exists. This not only leads to very small pressure drop, but also allows the meter to work with both pure water and water with some solids.

With its maximum 70°C operating temperature and nominal pressure of 1.6MPa, the technical specifications meet the standard for residential meters. The high measurement dynamic allows a load of up to double the rating, thereby ensuring high operating security.

Unlike mechanic water meter, XK-H100 water meter has outstanding long-term stability. The performance of its sensor does not degrade over time, thus, its overall system accuracy does not degrade over time. This compact meter fits in even the smallest installation conditions and can be mounted separately from the electronics console. The meter also has an order option for remote read-out (RS485 or GMS output). The large display can be set to display flow velocity, flow total, working time, etc.

XK-H100 ultrasonic water meter represents the trend of modem water metering industry. Both commercial and residential installations can profit from the advantages of wear-free water measurement: precision, operating security and long service life.

Capability XK-H100 Single-path Version XK-H100 Multi-path Version
Measured Fluids Full pipe flow of water, sewage and other homogenous fluids
Accuracy (%) ClassII Class I,ClassII
Pipe Size Adaptable (mm) DN15~DN300 DN50~DN300
Max. Pressure-bearing Capacity of Pipe Section 1.0MPa/1.6MPa
Working Environment Temperature: -25ºC~+55ºC; Humidity≤100% (RH) (For use under otherwise specific conditions, please specify when ordering.
Medium Environment Temperature Class: T70
Output Signal RS-485
Input Photoelectric interface/Magnetic induction key
Display Mode 8-digit LCD + prompting character, Word height: 8.5mm;
Self-diagnosis presentation: “ERR”; Battery symbol
Display Instantaneous flowate: m³/h; Total volume: m³; Total effective running time: h; Date: yy/mm/dd; Time: hh/mm/ss
Data Storage Total volume and total effective running time (Data can be stored for 100 years after power failure)
Power Supply Powered by one battery and capable of operating continuously for a period of over 6 years
Measurement Cycle Check and calibration status: 4 times/second; Normal status: 1 time/second
Protection Class IP68
Power Consumption < 0.0008W
The standard length of display-conversion unit connecting cable for non-integral model: 6m. For non-standard cable length, please specify when ordering.